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What are cookies?
Cookies are small text files containing information that are exchanged between a website and your device (through the browser) and are usually used by website operators to store information to improve navigation and user experience within. of the web space or to profile the preferences shown by the User/Visitor and thus be able to personalize any advertising messages according to the latter.
Visiting the same site (or other sites) again, the User's terminal checks for the presence of a recognized cookie and proceeds to read the information contained therein.
Different cookies contain different informations and are used for multiple purposes such as browsing efficiency, target message profiling, access statistics and site visits.
While browsing, the User's / Visitor terminal may also receive cookies sent from third-party websites or web servers, on which certain elements (images, maps, sounds, or links to pages of other domains) present on the site may reside the User/Visitor is visiting.
In principle, some cookies (called session cookies) are assigned to the User's / Visitor device only for a period of time limited to the duration of access to the aforementioned site and terminate automatically when the browser is closed. Other cookies (called persistent) remain stored in the terminal.
The purposes of the different types of cookies used on this website and how to disable them are described below.
Features and purposes of the cookies installed by the site
Technical cookies:
They are used for the correct functioning and use of our sites. Technical cookies are for example used for the User's login function and supplied mainly by Telephone Directory servers and, in the case of integration of external services such as those offered by social networks, by third parties.
Profiling cookies:
They are used for the purpose of sending advertising messages consistent with the preferences expressed by the User / Visitor when browsing the web. They can be provided through our website by third parties. Companies that use this site to offer or promote their products may assign cookies to users / visitors' devices. The types of cookies used and the methods of processing personal data by these companies are governed by the information provided by the aforementioned companies.
Analytical cookies:
They are used for statistical analysis and to improve the site and simplify its use as well as to monitor its functioning. This type of cookie collects anonymous information about the activity of Users / Visitors on the site and is provided exclusively by third parties.
Third-party cookies
The site contains within it third-party services that can in turn generate cookies such as:
- Google Analytics, statistical service for Google sites. Cookies Policy
- Google Adwords, Google.Cookies Policy promotion service
- AddThis, a sharing service contained in social networks. Privacy Policy
How to withdraw use of cookies consent
When users visit this site for the first time, they are shown a message that clearly indicates that the site uses cookies, inviting them to view this cookie policy and to manage their usage preferences. The consent to the use of cookies is initially given by clicking the "ok" button which is found in the initial message or by continuing to browse the site and can be revoked at any time as indicated below.
If the User ignores this message, a preference will be set which confirms that the Visitor gives his consent to the cookies described here. This preference will be limited to 5 years.
It should be noted that we cannot always control the third-party cookies that are saved in the Users / Visitors terminals that navigate within the site, and setting the aforementioned preferences will not prevent third-party cookies from being stored on your device.
Users / Visitors must manage these cookies directly with the third parties that control them. For more information see the section below "How to control cookies".
If you have consented to the storage of cookies but then changed your mind, you can follow the procedure described on the official website of your browser:
It should be considered that disabling cookies can impact on the functionality and user experience of this site.
How to control cookies
The provision of any cookies, both first and third party, can be disabled from the settings of the browser in use; this may however make the features of some sites for which cookies are indispensable useless. Any web browser has different settings for disabling cookies. Further information on the process for disabling cookies can be found on the website of the developer of your browser.
Here are some important resources to refer to:
- For more information on Google Analytics and how to deny consent to the use of cookies, visit https://support.google.com/analytics/answer/6004245 and https://tools.google.com/dlpage/gaoptout
We also remind you that many browsers allow browsing in incognito.

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